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All guests must comply with the rules, policies terms, and conditions of the property, grounds, community, and law including by not limited to the following:

All guests must complete the rental agreement issued by Cabo VIP Rentals to be permitted on the property. If you have not completed the Rental Agreement for your stay contact or to ensure you have completed the administrative requirements.

It is recommended that guests purchase Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen issues, injuries, interruptions, or required cancellations of stay that are outside of the terms and conditions of the reservation. Cabo VIP Rentals MX  will not be held responsible for interruption of services such as power outages, storm/rain/weather conditions, or other uncontrollable occurrences and/or Acts of God or unreasonable claims. The Client will take appropriate measures to ensure you have proper travel, liability, and personal insurance coverage. The Client accepts responsibility for the conduct and liability of all guests registered or un-registered to the property that are allowed access by the Client.

A refundable security deposit is required for all rentals and is due prior to check-in and access to the property. The standard security deposit due is a minimum $500.00 USD per stay for every fourteen nights of stay. Deposits are due in US Dollars payable to the Destination Manager. The deposit is refundable less any costs for damages, or emergency management response services caused by the guests in breach of any house, property, or Home Owners Association regulations, and policies as well as any local government body laws and bylaws. The deposits are mandatory regardless of the channel or agent the reservation was made or paid. The guest may inspect the property with the Destination Manager and/or Concierge representative within one hour of check-in to identify any issues, inventory, or functionality of the property’s condition. A property inspection will be conducted upon check-out to assess the conditions of the same and evaluate any deductions required from the security deposit. The guest is responsible for all damages, missing items, liability from cause, costs and expenses caused by any damage or incident.

Including but not limited to the following; the Management, Security, and Property Owner have the right to access their properties without prior notice to guests as it deems fit to do so in the best interest of the Property Owner, the Guest, the Community or Law.


  1. The Client and Guest(s) agree to behave responsibly and respectfully during their stay at the vacation rental property. Disruptive, illegal, or abusive behavior that causes harm to the property, neighboring properties, or individuals is strictly prohibited.
  2. The Client and Guest(s) acknowledge and agree to observe quiet hours stipulated by the property and or grounds/community, during which noise levels must be kept to a minimum to ensure a peaceful environment for all residents and neighbors.
  3. The Client and Guest(s) understand and agree that there is a maximum occupancy limit for the rental property and they will not exceed this limit without prior written consent from the property owner or Management.
  4. The Client and Guest(s) agree not to host parties, events, or gatherings that could disturb the tranquility of the property or inconvenience neighbors. Any such event or gathering requires advance written approval from the property owner.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the rental property unless otherwise posted. If the Guest(s) wish to smoke, they must do so in designated outdoor areas and dispose of smoking waste properly and safely.
  6. The Client and Guest(s) acknowledge that any illegal activities, use of illegal drugs and substances, excessive alcohol consumption, on the premises are strictly prohibited.
  7. The Client and Guest(s) understand that pets are not allowed on the property unless expressly permitted in writing by the property owner. Unauthorized presence of pets may result in additional cleaning fees or eviction.
  8. The Client and Guest(s) agree to use all amenities provided with care and consideration. Any damage caused to amenities or equipment due to misuse will be the financial responsibility of the Client.
  9. The Client and Guest(s) agree to maintain cleanliness and tidiness within the rental property during their stay. Upon departure, the property must be left in the same condition as when they arrived. Excessive cleaning requirements may incur additional charges. Additional cleaning services during the stay are available.
  10. The Client and Guest(s) will comply with all local laws and regulations, including property zoning, noise ordinances, and waste disposal guidelines.
  11. The Client and Guest(s) accept responsibility for any damages, breakages, or losses incurred during their stay. They will report any damage promptly to the property owner and will be held liable for the cost of repairs or replacements including service time.
  12. The Client and Guest(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the property owner from any claims, costs, damages, or liabilities arising out of their breach of this Guest Conduct Clause.
  13. Management and the property owner reserve the right to terminate the vacation rental agreement and request the immediate departure of the Client and Guest(s) if their conduct violates the terms of this clause or poses a threat to the property, other guests, or neighbors or for any other reason that may be disruptive or of concern at Managements discretion.
  14. The Client and Guest(s) are prohibited from having any firearms or other weapons on the premises. This includes any private security or armed private security unless otherwise approved by the property, Management, or property owner in advance with proper registration and approval requirements being followed if available as an option.

Management reserves the right to issue a verbal or written notice of eviction and have the Client and Guests immediately removed from the premises for violations of terms, policy, rules, law, or any actions that jeopardize or infringe upon the comfort, safety, or well-being of others. Such infractions may also be subject to fines or enforcement by local law enforcement. Management or Owners shall not be responsible for any costs, losses, or inconveniences incurred due to eviction, including alternative accommodations or transportation expenses. 

All guests or visitors must be registered to be permitted on the property. Certain properties may hold Extra Guest policies and associated charges up to a maximum guest occupancy limit. Standard additional guest standard rates are USD $200 per person (adult) per night unless otherwise agreed to in the pricing of the rental. The Client will be subject to a premium charge of USD $400 per person (adult) per night for any unaccounted guests not in compliance with the fees and pre-approved arrangements. Extra guests must be explicitly approved in writing.

No use of any illegal drugs as defined by Mexican law. Note Marijuana is illegal in Mexico. No exceptions. This includes all indoor areas as well as outdoor patios and terraces. If you or anyone in your party use illegal drugs (per local Mexican laws), you will be required to leave without compensation for nights lost and will lose your security deposit.

Please respect all fellow neighbors and guests that might be around. We want you to have fun and enjoy your stay but please refrain from vulgarity and being loud after 10:00 pm.

It is important to note that Coronado and surrounding areas are a Residential Community, and as such, have rules to ensure peaceful enjoyment for all guests and resident owners.  We ask that all guests and owners abide by these rules.   Please show respect for all members of our staff.  We are here for your pleasure. The general conduct is required of all guests;


  1. No disturbing the peace. Examples include loud music or loud conversation.   After 10 PM there should be no noise that would carry outside of your immediate area that could negatively impact your neighbors.  This rule applies to common areas as well as patios, pools, terraces and rooftop decks.   If Security visits to address a problem more than once the owner will be fined $100 for each visit after the first.
  2. No fighting, horseplay, pushing, shoving or foul language is allowed.
  3. Becoming intoxicated /acting inappropriately is NOT allowed.
  4. Boom boxes, speakers and stereo devices must have headphones for your personal use unless others around you have approved and they must still adhere to disturbing the peace guideline.


Pueblo Bonito Sunset. (Onsite Quivira resort)-Access and up to 25% discounts to restaurants, pools and bars with an optional All Inclusive service.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. Adults Only (Onsite Quivira resort)-Access and up to 25% discounts to restaurants, pools and bars with an optional All Inclusive service.

Pueblo Bonito Rose (Medano Beach area). Access and up to 25% discounts to restaurants, pools and bars with an optional All-Inclusive service. There is an hourly free bus shuttle to/from Quivira and Medano resorts.

Pueblo Bonito Blanco (Medano Beach area). Access and up to 25% discounts to restaurants, pools and bars with an optional All-Inclusive service. There is an hourly free bus shuttle to/from Quivira and Medano resorts.

Monte Cristo. A fractional/timeshare community – Access and discounts to restaurants/bar.

Quivira Golf Club – Access and discounts at golf course and clubhouse bar & steakhouse restaurant.

Reservations required at all restaurants, particularly during busy season. The hotels, pool areas and bars/restaurants do have the right to restrict access during peak times or special events.

The Beach Club is ONLY available to owners and long term renters (30+ days). Short term renters do NOT have access to owner-only beach club unless accompanied as a guest of an owner.

The Manager, Quivira and Coronado administration reserves the right to remove any individual, or group, that does not comply with the rules and regulations established by the community.  Any damages caused by negligence by any one person or group will be charged to that person or group and may be reason for removal from the community and the Quivira property.


Enjoy your stay.

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