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Professional Services.

Cabo VIP Rentals is a professional property management and booking services provider located in the beautiful Los Cabos area. Under the umbrella of its parent company, Revel Coast, Cabo VIP Rentals offers a wealth of experience and expertise in real estate investment and development. With its strategic position in the Los Cabos real estate market, Cabo VIP Rentals provides a full range of services for real estate owners and investors. From property management to booking services, the team at Cabo VIP Rentals is dedicated to maximizing the returns on investment for its clients and ensuring their properties are well-maintained and in top condition for guests. Whether you’re looking to invest in a vacation home or seeking a trusted partner to manage your property, Cabo VIP Rentals is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Property Assessment

If you have an investment property in Los Cabos or are planning to make a real estate investment in the region, we perform a property assessment for you. 

Booking & Property Management

We are also property owners and developers in Los Cabos and understand the level of professionalism and efficacy that is expected.  If you are interested in discussing our services, we are happy to schedule a consultation with you. 


Paying taxes on my rental property in Los Cabos, Mexico. This is a question that is always addressed with owners when opening their property to vacation rentals and third party management. There are multiple ways Cabo VIP Rentals can work with you as a property manager in Cabo to help make the processes fit your particular structure of ownership and accounting. 

Full Service
Cabo VIP Rentals will collect all revenues generated for the property and administrate and pay the IVA taxes, state occupancy taxes an withholding taxes for the property. Each month there will be a reconciliation with our accounting department and remittance of proceeds according to the working agreement. 

Owner Direction
There are multiple ways in which property owners structure their assets and we are able to accommodate all scenarios to best align with your unique set-up. This can include the remittance of proceeds from the property to the owner entity and withholding the service fees with monthly reconciliations. 

On-Boarding Your Property. 

Cabo VIP Rentals has a streamlined process to quickly and effectively bring your property under management as a Property Manager in Cabo and/or as a Booking Manager for your asset. Our international team is ready to work with you and get the best results for your investment and ensure that your asset is managed and maintained as if it were our own. 

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